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Crystal-IQ lighting is a lighting brand partnered with the Azoteq Group. With a very strong microelectronic and R&D skill base, Azoteq developed the leading driver IC with high level performance (efficiency), cost effective implementation and reliability assurance features and functions. Offered under the same umbrella and tightly couples are intelligent embedded solutions, such as the market leading ALS (Ambient Light Sensor) for flicker and flicker free lights, LED lamp controller / motion sensors and communications.  These functions are already being used in our flood light, linear high bay, wall light, bulbs etc. Crystal-IQ LED lights all use Azoteq Crystal Driver(TM) technology, which is unique designed with patent applications for some special intelligent functions including ALS, radar technology, wifi/bluetooth control and over temperature management etc.
In addition to the world leading IC and lighting technology, Crystal-IQ also have local professional inspection and sales teams, which have extensive experience in led industry and ready to provide most efficient and quality service to our customers. We have an extensive range of excellent, robust and high quality suppliers (ISO etc) to ensure on-time and quality products.
With vision to improve people’s life using our technology, we take the consistent approach to develop our products and improving our service so that we can quickly deliver the right products with right experience and expertise, to every client, anywhere in the world.


General Manager

Ms. Aileen Huang