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Google Daydream Controller Teardown : Red Flags(From SLASH GEAR)


Our teardown of the Google Daydream controller shows how simple it is to control the virtual realm. What we expected was something similar to what the HTC Vive presents, in a slightly smaller form. What we’ve found is an interesting combination of chips, battery, and metal. While the outside might be fully ABS plastic in makeup, the internal structure has one piece of metal right where we did not expect it.

Mega Tiny Launches LED Bulb with Dual USB Charging


PowerBulb will show you the light in these situations.

Xicato Launches Smart LED Lighting Control Module


Xicato envisions its modules to be a hub in smart and connected spaces. This is why it has designed its modules to be field upgradable to the emerging Bluetooth Mesh standard, which aims to achieve true interoperability between IoT nodes. Xicato encourages developers to build applications and has made its APIs available.

CEA LETI Looks into 3D GaN Nanowires for Ultra Bright LED Lighting


There are currently three types of MOSFET designs available on the market, the mainstream Fin Field Effect Transistor, a 3D MOSFET technology, Fully Depleted-Silicon on Insulator (FD-SOI) MOSFET and nanowire technology.

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