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Azoteq Announces the IQS333 Capacitive Touch Controller with Two Scroll Wheels or Sliders


Azoteq’s IQS333 is the first capacitive touch controller with precision 11-bit scroll wheels or sliders and 8-channel PWM LED driver

The IQS211 Capacitive Controller with Proximity, Touch and Movement Detection Announced by Azoteq


Azoteq’s IQS211 is a capacitive controller with movement detect in a small, low-cost SOT23 package

Press Release Azoteq announces the ProxSense® Round, Elliptical and Rectangular Trackpad Modules


The world leader in capacitive proximity and touch solutions, today announced the release to market of eight ready to use trackpad modules. The trackpad modules come in a range of shapes and sizes to enable rapid integration into existing or new products. The round and elliptical trackpads are aimed at Bluetooth headset applications. Swipe and tap gestures are used for volume up/down, forward, rewind and play/pause. The square and rectangular trackpads are aimed at remote control, home automation and PC applications.

Capacitive Proximity & Touch Solutions


Capacitive Proximity & Touch Solutions

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