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Acuity Brands LED Controller Makes Smart Building More Intelligent


Acuity Brands introduced the nLight ECLYPSE™ controller, an innovative smart building ready controller that combines digital lighting and HVAC controls onto one platform. The new controller is built using Acuity Brands’ award-winning ECLYPSE™ platform by Distech Controls® and industry-leading nLight® controls by Acuity Controls. The unified platform gives building managers the power to configure, monitor and control critical building systems through one intuitive interface. The ECLYPSE platform uses the BACnet™/IP communications protocol.

With the nLight ECLYPSE controller, Acuity Brands is changing the smart building game by bringing together two critical building management systems that represent the largest share of energy use in facilities. Unifying HVAC and lighting systems onto one control platform eliminates the installation and management of separate HVAC and lighting networks, as well as their related sensors and user management interfaces. This single platform simplifies the design of smart building systems, reduces installation time and costs, eliminates duplicate control strategies and sensors, simplifies maintenance and serviceability, and increases reliability compared to multi-application integration.

“Building systems are complicated and facilities managers are increasingly dissatisfied with the cost and complexity of operating separate systems requiring multiple vendors, components and interfaces,” said Audwin Cash, Vice President, Acuity Controls. “nLight ECLYPSE controllers allow contractors and designers to select a unified platform that seamlessly joins lighting, lighting controls, HVAC, closed-circuit television and card access for a smart building ready solution.”

The nLight ECLYPSE controller monitors and controls sensor data for both lighting and HVAC in real-time, thereby adjusting the occupant’s environment for desired comfort, while maintaining optimal energy efficiency. Furthermore, the controller features communication through the Internet Protocol (IP) and Wi-Fi wireless networking technology, making it ideal for renovation projects. Plus, it is easily scalable to meet a facility’s current and future needs. IP network-based controller (BACnet/IP), enabling not only the unified control of lighting and HVAC, but also enabling communication with other IP network-based, smart devices. This advanced capability helps reduce complexity, time and cost typically associated with deploying the architecture for smart buildings.

The nLight ECLPYSE controller also features embedded HTML 5 -based visualization and user interface within each of the control devices, delivering real-time data on occupancy trends, energy usage and space utilization. Distributed intelligence and visualization provides reliable control without concern about a single point of failure. Sophisticated authentication via an HTTPS server provides a reliable, proven method of securing sensitive building data.

nLight ECLYPSE is an A+ Certified ™ system component that delivers an easy-to-specify, easy-to-install controls solution that is interoperable with Acuity A+ Capable™ luminaires.  A+ Certified solutions from Acuity Brands help contractors and specifiers quickly and confidently select and implement lighting systems, for indoor or outdoor applications, that are both compatible and chromatically consistent.


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