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Chennai Streets Illuminated with 74,000 LED Lights


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Deccan Chronicle

A city located in eastern India, Chennai is finanlizing its second phase streetlight extension which will value an estimated INR 1.45 billion (US $200 million) and install 74,000 new LED streetlights in an expanded area.

About 70% of a 257,000 streetlight network has been upgraded from sodium vapor to LEDs, and will be converted by 2018 to INR 870 million, and will be availed as a loan from Tamil Nadu Urban Development Fund.

The civic body has replaced 170,000 streetlights with LEDs to conserve INR 1.8 million in power bill.

The city is also rolling out new green building concepts, including inserting solar panels onto buildings and power saving electrical appliances that will help the corporation save more power.

Ripon Buildings were even restored, the city civic headquarters allows for natural light to pass through the building, so tube lights are not required for portico and the corridor of the historic building.


The annexe Amma building was designed with glass to reduce the number of lights needed so there is infiltration of heat, said sources.

LED bulbs in bus route roads and in main roads have been replaced by the corporation, but there are still some interior roads that are still queuing for new replacements, while others will need more lights because of vehicle and population influx, said civic activist D. Mani of Ayanavaram.


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