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2017, it is a special and important year for Crystal-IQ. Our products have increased to nearly 20 kinds: flood light, IP65 linear high bay, IP44 linear high bay, wall light, track light etc.. IC driver replaces traditional driver, intelligent functions, good proformance. Each of them is the result of our careful design and joint efforts. Our customers have also extended to all parts of the world, from the original South Africa to Italy, Thailand, the United States, and other countries. We believe that there will be a good return on our effort and gratitude. We have formed a stable supplier chain. Customer, supplier and employee have formed very important three feet to make the company strong and stable. We respect our suppliers, as they are not only suppliers, but also our partners. We have a very united team. Everyone does their best. We go to the trouble, conversely, feeling very interested, to investigate and understand the market. We are doing what we like. The greatest joy in life is to be able to do what you like. It is a great happiness that we have witnessed the rapid development of our company. We are becoming stronger and stronger. The new year is coming, thanks for all people’s trust and efforts. May you be healthy, lucky and wealthy in 2018.


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