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Crystal-IQ IC driven flood light advantage


IC driven flood light advantage: 

1. Longer lifetime. 

  1. IC lifetime 100K hours 

  2. removing the capacitors 

  3. reduce the components except the capacitors

  4. Automatic temperature system (IC inside technology)control the temperature.


2. Wattage 

  10W-200W lights are both used the IC driver and intelligent Microwave motion sensor functions . our IC chips Maximum watt can bear 70W per pcs. 


3. Effecency 

  IC PF 0.97 have the best efficiency 0.9-0.91.Flood light efficacy has 100lm/w. 


4. more sensitive and distance 

  Microwave is more sensitive than the infrared sensor ,especially once people go and face to the sensor. 


5. Save the cost 

  Reduce the cost of the external driver especially the biggest 200w flood light ,and reduce the cost of the components ... also reduce the external sensors , the external sensor is so ugly and cost much ,not conveniently to package etc .... 


36 Further save the cost . 

  Microwave motion sensor have the ability to keep in a 30percentage brightness level once no movement sensed . 

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